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Reliance Home Care: Senior and Adult in-Home Care Service Agency


We Bring Care and Comfort to Your Home.
Reliance home care provides in-home care and assistance services to seniors and adults. All our caregivers are experienced, insured, bonded and trained for the patient needs. The agency provides services for seniors and adults with temporary or permanent homebound limits like disabilities, patients under heavy cancer treatment, patients in recovery from accident or surgery, and patients with mental illness. 
Our caregivers have experience with cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, stroke, cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases, arthritis, and fractures. Our services cover all the needs of clients who are gradually losing functioning of different faculties and who do not need hospital care. The agency also provides services for mothers during the end of pregnancy and the postnatal period.
Reliance Home Care is located in Montgomery county, Maryland, and is servicing Montgomery, Frederick, Prince George's, Howard, Anne  Arundel and Baltimore counties in Maryland. Reliance Home Care is also servicing Washington DC and Northern Virginia.
For many people, growing older means:
  • Loss of health and mobility and increasing isolation.
  • Loss of independence for all the cares.
  • Stress and strain on loved ones as they struggle to assist.
  • Environments that are emotionally uncomfortable and lonely.
  • Hard decisions that involve changing how and where to live.
  • Increasing unability to take care of your needs.
  • Necessity to rely on the family or friends for help.
  • Feeling lonely and depressed.
Reliance Home Care is here to help you and your family to stay at home and keep your family environment and social live.
Our mission and commitment to our clients are:

  • To always strive to deliver reliable services.
  • To cherish and protect the independence and dignity of our clients by providing superior care, service and respect.
  • To deliver the most personalized, client-centered services for our seniors and adults and their families.
  • To maintain the highest standards possible for people, programs and services.
  • To apply in our agency the newest, most innovative advancements in all areas of knowledge related to home care.
  • To promote excellence in attracting, training and educating caregivers and other professionals in the field.

You've heard it elsewhere, but it's truer than ever...
Reliance Home Care is licensed by the Department of Health and  Mental Hygiene's Office of Health Care Quality.


                            Home Care
 MD: 301-789-2525  &  410-864-8128   VA: 703-340-8570
 Fax: 301-789-1705
 Toll free: 1-877-268-9341